I strongly recommend Tasha to any writer who is looking for a professional copyeditor who demands exacting results. Tasha edited our [migration] book published by Nova. She was able to collaborate with diverse authors from multiple countries and language groups and deliver a unified, coherent, smoothly flowing final product. She exhibited tact, resourcefulness, diplomatic skills, and humor as she worked with our editorial team to meet deadlines as well as to address the challenges of field research. Our editorial team was extremely pleased with the end result. —managing editor, nonfiction book 

“Thank you so much, I’ve started working through the comments and edits and I can’t say how much I appreciate what you’ve said. …I really appreciate the input you had into the book.” —author, nonfiction sociology book

“Tasha brought a wealth of experience and expertise to my vocabulary project. Would recommend highly for her deep insight into the particulars of the English language.” —teacher, classroom reference book

It was a real pleasure working with Tasha who provided me with timely and professional editing services.  I highly recommend to anyone needing thorough and quality editing. I would definitely work with Tasha again in the future. —dissertation author

“When I needed my resumé updated for job applications, Tasha did a wonderful job reviewing the job description and ensuring that my resumé was clear, accurate, and relevant, all while preserving my own voice. She was a pleasure to work with and my very first application was rewarded with an interview.” —job seeker, résumé and cover letter

“Thank you so much! I will definitely use you again!” —creator, business newsletter

“[Y]ou have made the editorial stage a much quicker and easier process!” —author, book on business practices

“Thanks so much, you improved the work considerably! I am more than happy to work with you again!” —dissertation author

“Wow. I love your editing so much! Finally I found the best editor after many other editors!” —dissertation author

“Very detailed and professional service. I greatly appreciate it! Thank you!!!” —academic author, grant submission

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