“Thank you so much, I’ve started working through the comments and edits and I can’t say how much I appreciate what you’ve said. …I really appreciate the input you had into the book.” – author, nonfiction sociology book

“Tasha brought a wealth of experience and expertise to my vocabulary project. Would recommend highly for her deep insight into the particulars of the English language.” – teacher, classroom reference book

“When I needed my resumé updated for job applications, Tasha did a wonderful job reviewing the job description and ensuring that my resumé was clear, accurate, and relevant, all while preserving my own voice. She was a pleasure to work with and my very first application was rewarded with an interview.” – job seeker, résumé and cover letter

“Thank you so much! I will definitely use you again!” – creator, business newsletter

“[Y]ou have made the editorial stage a much quicker and easier process!” – author, book on business practices

“Thanks so much, you improved the work considerably! I am more than happy to work with you again!” – PhD candidate, dissertation

“Wow. I love your editing so much! Finally I found the best editor after many other editors!” – PhD candidate, dissertation

“Very detailed and professional service. I greatly appreciate it! Thank you!!!” – academic author, grant submission

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