Privacy Policy

Data Protection

1. All project-related files for current work are stored on a secure computer that only I control.

2. All emails for current projects are stored on secure devices that only I control.

3. Files are backed up regularly to an external hard drive stored in a secure location.

4. All project-related files and all emails for past projects are stored similarly to those for current projects; I retain this information to provide you with an off-site backup of your work. If you prefer, I will delete all files, data, and other information related to your project as soon as the work is completed.

5. I do not use cloud storage for client materials except on request (such as asking me to work in Google Docs).

6. I securely shred all hard copy information as soon as the project is finished.

7. I have a security procedure in place to ensures all personal data is irretrievably wiped from all old devices before I dispose of them.

Personal Data

1. I collect your personal data (as defined under the GDPR) to provide you with editing services and for negotiations or communications relevant to that specific project.

2. I retain your data while you are a client and after the project is completed (for tax purposes).

3. I collect your data directly (when you provide your contact information or other personal details).

4. I will not share your personal data with third parties unless I have asked for your permission to do so.

5. I will not sell, lease, or distribute your personal information to third parties unless I am compelled by law to do so.

6. You may request at any time that I destroy any and all of your personal data or communications.

7. All new and existing clients are notified of my privacy and data protection policies through a link in my main email signature.

8. WordPress collects basic tracking analytics for visitors to this web site; no personally identifying information is included.

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