Definitive Editing and Proofreading

In today’s world, so much of our communication is written, both on- and offline, that editing is more important than ever to make your words eye-catching amidst the proliferation of writing out there.

As a lexicographer, I was trained to be a “descriptivist,” which essentially means that I believe that the way people use English defines the language rather than the other way around. This also means that I see editing as a collaboration with you to produce exactly the document you want; I won’t tell you something is absolutely “wrong” (though I may point out that other people could feel that way and suggest alternatives). Descriptivists also believe that the point of language is communication; if your audience will understand you and be receptive to your ideas, you have succeeded at your primary goal. I work with you to ensure that your overall writing achieves the most seamless and effective communication possible for that intended audience. So if you want to say “can’t” or use fewer commas for a casual and engaging marketing piece, I will follow your preferences. If you’re writing a highly academic article for a prestigious journal, I will encourage a few less-quotidian flourishes and even remove prepositions from the ends of sentences if the journal objects to those.

I fell in love with the English language as a lexicographer for Merriam-Webster, and now I’m happy to work with the language in another way: by ensuring that your work is as flawless and exceptional as possible.

I enjoy polishing and perfecting a document while respecting your voice. I work behind the scenes to smooth out the text so that your ideas and writing talent can take center stage. That way, you can focus on the most important part of writing: getting your ideas out into the world.


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